Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here Comes the Bride!

They're engaged!!!!!!!!
OS and FDIL are officially engaged now!!!! He asked her last night and of course she said YES!!!! Everyone here is just so excited over the news! These two are so meant for each other and we are so lucky to have her in our family. And, as the mother of the groom, I have to say she got quite the catch too!
I'm not going to ramble on about it right now cuz I'm still giddy and weepy with happiness, but to them I do want to say:
Congratulations, I love the two of you dearly and God bless you both!

Monday, September 24, 2007

William 8/31-9/21

It was a sad day in our house Saturday morn. YS came and got me, crying one of those cries that no mother ever wants to hear. It tears your heart out. William was dead.
William was the guinea pig that OS bought YS for his birthday. YS did everything right. He took care of him like a new born baby. He even read to him every night so he’d grow up and be a “smart pig”. DH and I were in awe of this little creature who could turn an otherwise wound up tight 9 year old boy into a gentle caretaker.
We’re not sure why they little guy passed and that made it even harder to explain to YS, who was absolutely inconsolable. He did everything right. Why did it happen? Gosh damn, I can’t harder write about it without tearing up. How do you explain death, the unfairness of it to a 9 year old?
Of course practically the first thing out of my mouth after “it wasn’t your fault” was “we’ll get another one”. What the hell was I thinking? That I want to go through this time and time again? That you can replace the love for one by replacing it with another? No I wasn’t. I just wanted the pain to go away. Plain and simple.
So I called OS because YS wanted him to accompany us on our new search. He was kind enough to come over and off we went. One store didn’t have any, the second store had a couple but they were older. They told us that because the animal was so small (and he was) that he probably wasn’t weaned or hadn’t been weaned long and the shock could’ve to his system might have been the cause. But 3 weeks? I’m not sure. I wondered about vitamin C, and then dismissed it after talking to the store and reading up on it. I do wonder about the celery though. It had to be small bites since the strings are hard for them to digest. I sure thought they were small enough but who knows. We went to another store and found “Rascal”. Rascal is all white and just the most playful little cute pig. He’s small too so we’re being really careful about food with him. Just pellets for now and we’ll go even slower trying new vegetables and fruit.
Later that day, DD took YS to the circus and out for dinner. DH and I went out for dinner ourselves and then the races out at the speedway. We stayed until my back and big old butt couldn’t take the seats anymore. It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed being out together. We laughed and talked like teenagers again. Two burials in one day take it out of you I guess. Wow! Here I went on about the guinea pig and my poor DH had to bury him and then go to his aunt’s funeral. She passed in her sleep with her family around. He wasn’t necessarily close to his aunt but close enough that it hit home and you look at your own mortality. So the evening out was sorely needed by all of us. DD brought along a friend of hers and her niece who happens to be the same age as YS. She brought home some pretty good stories. Maybe later on the week I’ll get them posted.
I finished up all of the painting I had to do in the bedrooms. I’M DONE PAINTING!!!
DH is finishing up the painting of the doors/closet doors with his nifty little spray gun, But, I’m DONE!!!! Did I mention that already!?!
Now, the fun really begins – I get to go carpet shopping!!!!!! Man, that was a fast weekend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weekend Workings

What a weekend! I need a few more days to recoup, I’m thinkin’.
Friday was YS’s birthday. He loved it. Got some great gifts. We got him a new target to practice with his bow. Damn good shot that kid is! We also got him a new video game to use this fall during the ”downtime” of hunting. OS got him a guinea pig. Cutest little thing really. I spent a great deal of time Saturday researching them since I had no clue how to take care of one. Now William (the pig) is adjusting to his new home and we’re adjusting to him.
Saturday (before I started researching) I began the long, hard task of cleaning out the bedroom next in line to be painted. This room had been a storage room of sorts for about 2 years. It’s right off the kitchen and had gathered EVERYTHING. I made a pretty good dent in the mess and had reached the back corner. Had a bunch a pictures and mirrors and sorts leaned up against the wall. Well, not being stupid (giggle), I did take my time moving each picture. Lord only know what I could’ve found lurking in the dark corner. I moved a mirror and then a picture when I saw it. The spider. Not just any spider either, but a BROWN RECLUSE spider. So I jumped, squealed and grabbed a box to kill it with. Yeah. A box. A cardboard box. I smashed it (or attempt too anyway) and it sunk down into the carpet and crawled out laughing at me. I yelled at DD to bring me something as I looked around and found this package of cassette tapes. I picked it up and smashed the thing and turned around. There stands DD with The Swiffer. I’m like, “are you gonna dust it?” Anyway, it was dead and my job was done for the day. DH had to spray the whole property down before I’d go back in there, and after wiping out wally world, the hardware store and the local feed store, so spray he did. He sprayed the property so well, that NOTHING could live in/on it.
Hence a good time to head to Flo’s.
Dinner at Flo’s was awesome. I just darn near made myself sick I ate so much. She made this lasagna stuff that was awesome and DD threatened anyone who went near the rolls. See we’re she was raised on brown-n-serve, so these were like candy to a baby. It was just ducky, the whole thing. Of course there were a few margarita’s! Everyone I talked said to have one for them and well they would all be pleased to know I kept my word….times three over. It was an nice, enjoyable evening all the way around.
Monday I turned into a couch lizard. I left only the couch to make the potato salad to go with the ribs that DH smoked all day. Good eats for sure. OS and FDIL came to enjoy the fruits of his labor and weren’t disappointed.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear YS. Happy Birthday to you!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

College Prep

I just have to brag on DD! She took her placement test for the community college that she will be attending at the first of the year. Because of her LD issues she had to schedule the appointment so that they could provide the help that she needed.
Well....she did awesome!!!!!!!!
In fact they told her she blew the Reading section right out of the water! She did so well that she won't be required to take ANY reading courses! For those of you who know the difficulties that we've had through the years, this was unbelieveable news. She did so good that they asked her if she wanted to become a paid tutor!
Even her math score - which is also a very difficult subject for her was respectable. In fact all of her scores were! When she called me at work when it over to tell me, I was so excited you'd have thought the Chiefs had just scored a touch down!
All of these years of meetings with the teacher, making phone calls to the state education board, fighting to get her the help that she needed have paid off. The school district might have considered me the "mom from hell" but right now I'll wear that title proudly!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthday Presents

This has been a busy week. Well, busy for me anyway. Not that I’ve done anything important. Or anything at all really. In fact, I can’t think of anything I’ve done. So, I guess I’ve been busy doing nothing. Geez, no wonder I’m so tired!
Friday is YS’s birthday. He’ll be 19. No wait, he THINKS he’ll be 19. Reality says 9. So, being the good mommie that I am, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. A new toothbrush? A jar of pickles? He looks at me like a had just grown 3 heads. I can’t figure out why. He likes when he gets a new toothbrush. Every year at Christmas time whether I remember or not he gets one. (just kidding). He loves pickles so I’m thinking those are good choices, but YS begs to differ. So he asks what the limit is. I tell him a dollar. And not just ANY dollar but an AMERICAN dollar! Can’t beat that! Good ole’ US of A currency. Again the 3-headed look comes my way.
With shoulders drooping and head bowed it finally dawns on him on that I’m joking, so he perks up and says, “I saw something I’d like to have for my birthday… and before you say no…. you can afford it in 2 EASY payments of $19.95.”
I’m laughing so hard I’m actually snorting as I tell him he can’t watch any more TV – or at least the commercials!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christmas in August?

Ahhhh to be a kid again……
DD and I spent our Sat evening playing like 9 year-olds on Christmas morning.
See, she’s big girl now and wanted her own cell phone plan. Didn’t want to have to “share” minutes with “The Mommie” and she didn’t want to have to put down a huge deposit for her own account. She just wanted a plan to herself but billed under my account. Fine by me – cuz with this new big girl plan also comes a bill – one that “Mommie” doesn’t have to pay for. I’m thinkin’ – I like this plan already.
So, I spend 40 minutes on the phone with our carrier discussing options, plans, phones, etc. trying to figure out the best rates, plans for our lifestyles. Nothing fancy I say, for we be simple people. Well, may be ought to add that unlimited text stuff to the DD’s plan. She’s kinda liken that but well hell, I type all day at the J-O-B and I don’t want to do it on a phone too. What’s that you say? You just don’t type onto the phone – you tap? Huh? Well, I learned myself how to type on them there keyboards and really, and I mean I really don’t have any wild hair going up my arse that makes me inclined to learn a new way to communicate with my chilluns. Used to be I didn’t even have to SAY anything – “the look” was all I needed. Apparently the look is outdated. This new-fangled way of communication will keep us closer than ever. Bonded you might say. Well, I’m all for expanding the parent/child relationship. Honest Injun. Quit laughing – I do like communicating with my kiddies. Except, of course, when they’re getting on my nerves or somethin’ like that.
So I tell them there sales people to give me a small “bundle” so that when DD forgets that I don’t have the unlimited plan ( and she WILL forget) I won’t be charged an outrageous amount of money for these here messages.
Later that evening DD “instructs” me (cuz remember I’m O-L-D) on the fine art of texting. I suck at it. Big Time. No sense in pussy-cattin’ around it. I wrote out this sentence and looked up to see nothing but gibberish. Did I mention that I suck at this? Big time? So, again, DD tries to help me out and of course in her drama diva way has to let me know that SHE learned this easily – and it’s not a big deal and geez, why can’t I get it? Cuz I’m O-L-D damn it! Just ask MYS! Remember now? Is it all comin back to ya now? So there we sit on the couch, DH is at a friend house where there’s a big party going on, live bands, plenty of beer for a hot summer night, and I’m sitting at home on the couch texting DD who is sitting right next to me. Yeah, it was ridiculous. She was right frickin’next to me. So I went out to the porch and sat. To text her. Sitting on the couch. Inside. In the air conditioning. I’m thinkin’ this too, was ridiculous, so I went inside. She went to her room. To text me. Sitting on the couch. Cuz, you see, by now I’m getting the hang of this tapping stuff and I’m thinkin’ I’m kind a likin it. Till 1 AM we played with these phones. Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin’. Party ANIMALS.
Sun morning I got up and remembered that the sales people told me how to check and see how many text messages I’ve used before I run out of my allotment. Yippee!!! A new way to use my new toy!!! So I looked and I’m thinkin’ no way! There is absolutely, positively, the cow jumped over the moon, NO WAY I used that many already. My phone only shows 31 messages! How did the h*ll did they come up with that number?
Well, ring, ring, hello? Customer Service? I just looked at my numbers you see and wow – someone has made a mistake. I mean come on, it only shows 31 msgs here. Can you explain this to me?
Did I count the ones that I had deleted you ask? Deleted? How do I do that? Oh, oh, oh, you mean when I cleared those ones? Uhhh, hmmmm…ok my bad. I just got this ya know and I’m trying to learn it and all and yeah, well, I din’t think of that and no, I’m not normally that air-headed. Guess maybe I jumped the gun a little here, that huge number kinda caught me off guard a little (ok a lot) and sorry to bother you. Have a good day. Anytime you say? That’s what you’re here for? Wow, thanks – cuz I’m thinking I might need to upgrade to unlimited.